Southern Hemisphere stationary wave and model biases paper published onlineAugust 2020

Following our paper on the Northern Hemisphere stationary waves, we turned MiMA's focus onto the Southern Hemisphere. Interestingly, some adjustments had to be made to make that hemisphere more realistic, and we again found that full blown climate models' errors in the tropics lead to errors all the way to Antarctica. Read the paper online here.

Sub-kilometer scale convection paper acceptedJune 2020

Our paper looking at tropical convection over Northern Australia's Darwin region has been accepted for publication at the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. We were running up to 145m horizontal resolution simulations with the UK Met Office's Unified Model and up to 444m resolution with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. In contrast to most others, we ran the simulations during a time when nothing special happened, and were amazed at how badly both models are doing in terms of simulating everyday weather. Thanks to Todd Lane, Claire Vincent, Stu Webster, Scott Wales and Valentin Louf for all of their inputs. The paper is available here or you can read the (non peer reviewed) submitted version of the paper here.

New paper out in Evironmental Research LettersDecember 2019

We just published this exciting piece of work about the climate change impact of the Montreal Protocol. That Protocol is the only treaty ever to be ratified by all nations on Earth, and was designed to combat the ozone hole (which it does).

Interestingly, it turns out that by coincidence it is also the most effective treaty on greenhouse gas emissions in history. There is a beautiful video done by the Australian Academy of Science about the paper and a short video teaser made by myself. The paper is available for free online here.