Full programme at AMOS conference February 2017

I'm excited to present both a poster and a talk at this year's Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) Conference. The poster will be about my newest research on tropical convection over the Maritime Continent, whereas the talk will be focused on the Model of an idealized Moist Atmosphere (MiMA). The latter will combine both tropical convection, tropospheric turbulence, and stratospheric dynamics, so it's going to cover a lot of material.

Busy AGU Fall Meeting December 2016

My visit of San Francisco is a busy one. Starting off with the invited talk delivered by Ed Gerber about my Model of an idealized Moist Atmosphere on Monday morning, I will present my newest publication as a poster on Tuesday, and will go on to present my colleague Claire Vincent's work on the Madden-Julian Oscillation on Wednesday. Looking forward to some serious science discussions (and also a few nice views of the Bay of course).

SSW paper published December 2016

My most recent paper about Sudden Stratospheric Warmings has just been published. It uses an idealized GCM to see whether or not SSWs are (once they happen) similar to each other (yes), if there are differences between those that influence the surface weather and those that don't (yes), and if we can identify an entirely different "species" of SSWs which propagate (no). Have a read here.

ARCCSS newsletter article October 2016

I've written a small piece about the Dos and Don'ts in scientific visualisation, with the example of my newest addition to my website, Weather Alive. If you'd like to know more about how such things can be done, go have a read.

Introducing my new weather page September 2016

After months of working on it every now and then, I am proud to reveal my very own weather page. You'll be able to look at the cloudiness and winds over the entire globe, or look into more detail in one of several regions. There's also a time picker, where you can travel into the past (sorry, no earlier than 1. August 2016), or the future! If your browser supports it, you can even look at it in 3D and use your mouse to navigate everything. Last but not least, have a look at some of history's most impressive weather events - in 3D of course. Go enjoy the weather here!

Featured video on Paraview websiteApril 2016

One of my pv_atmos videos (Fly Me) has been chosen as one of six to showcase the power of their software on the main page. Have a look here.

Visiting the Climate Science Group at Exeter UniversityMarch 2016

I am happy to visit Prof. Geoff Vallis in Exeter, UK, for a week before going off to new adventures. The group in Exeter has become an important user of my climate models, so it is great to catch up on new ideas and applications of these models, and also further developing projects.

Presentation at SPARC Workshop in BerlinFebruary 2016

Prof. Ed Gerber will present a talk about my work at the SPARC Workshop on "Stratospheric Change and its Role for Climate Prediction“ (SHARP) The workshop focuses on recent research in stratospheric dynamics, stratosphere-troposphere coupling, and stratospheric water vapor and ozone.