Physicist by education, atmospheric scientist by profession, musician, sportsman, reader, and traveller off work. My interests are rather broad, and I often invest time into subjects that do not produce any obvious and/or immediate gain. So did I take high school classes in ancient Latin, Greek, Hebrew, astronomy, sports, and lots of music classes, and even enthusiastically followed the physics course in French, a foreign language to me. Just because they seemed (and certainly were) fun things to do. And as anyone taking similar classes knows, they do pay off in the end.

I love team sports, and in particular football (the kind where you actually hit a ball with the foot) and rowing. These are also sports where I was coaching and refereeing to help newcomers enjoying the activity. As to going to work, my bike is always first choice.

Born in Switzerland, not far from Zurich, I chose to go study in beautiful Lausanne, on the lake Geneva shore, switching language from German to French. Just because already then, I liked moving around. During my studies, I went twice to Uppsala, Sweden, once for a student exchange year, once for my master's thesis. After that, always looking for new things to see, I went to Princeton, New Jersey, to experience yet another country, language, and culture. But that still wasn't enough, so when the opportunity came along, I moved to New York City. Yes, actual New York City, right in the heart of Greenwich village, on NYU's campus. By the way, the pictures in the header of this site all come from one or another trip, far or close.

Ever since I started my studies in physics, it has been rather difficult to explain to my friends and family what exactly I was doing. That brought me to learn some basics about scientific visualization, as I find this one of the best ways to explain things to non-experts. This brought me the first prize in Princeton's Art of Science contest with this picture and a place among the finalists with this movie. On my page, you may also find a section called Visualization, which contains some of the pictures and movies I have created for my thesis defense, conferences and seminars. As I upload them onto my site, they are meant to be educational, and I hope you can learn something from them. The 3D section contains some hands-on 3D stuff, where you can have fun and look at things yourself. The newest section of my website, called Weather, is showing the global weather in daily and hourly intervals, from the past via the present to the future. For more details about my work, please refer to the research section.

So long, and thanks for all the fish,