Below videos show our current weather with hourly timesteps. Wind direction and strength (arrows), surface pressure (deformation) and land surface temperature (color - black=cold, white=hot). One version hides the clouds for a better view of surface pressure. Data from GFS.

The globes are interactive with your mouse. If you see a black box, just click on the play button to load the video. Fullscreen will also load a high-res version so please be patient.


Movies & Animations (see all on YouTube)

Standalone Animations

Virtual Reality & 360

These movies are 360 and in 3D. On a desktop computer, you can rotate in any direction using your mouse. On your mobile device, simply rotate your device (and yourself with it) in any direction (look behind you!). If you have a VR headset, these videos will separate into right and left eye and fully project into 3D in addition to 360. The same applies if you have something like a Google Cardboard for your phone.

For YouTube videos, please manually choose the highest resolution via the gear icon and wait for it to load - it is worth the wait. If In addition, I encourage the user to pause the video from time to time and have a look around.

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