Virtual Reality

Welcome to Weather VR. The movies and images below are all in 360 degrees. They are specifically made for mobile phones and invite you to have a look around by moving your phone in any direction (it also works on desktops by clicking and rotating with your mouse).

If you happen to have a Google Cardboard stereo viewer, please click on the small goggles icon in the lower right corner, and then insert your phone into the viewer. You will see everything in 3D in addition to 360 degrees.

Click any picture below to start your VR experience
(swipe right/left for more choices)

The animations might take some time to load properly. If you feel resolution is very, please have some patience until the movies are fully loaded.

There's some new technology and developments which make virtual reality inside websites an actual reality. That's exciting. It is also a nice coincidence that I've been involved in creating some virtual reality environments for public engagement into research. The above section shows some of that work, adapted to the web. Enjoy!