Global weather


The video (click for play/pause) shows the global weather at the above indicated date, which should be today, at 1AM UTC.

The arrows show the horizontal wind speed and direction, with light blue very strong winds and dark blue very light winds. The winds are included up to 200hPa, which is about 11-12km in the atmosphere. The white surfaces are thick clouds - thin clouds are not shown as it would cover most of the globe.

Regional weather

Click on any of the regions below, to see a snapshot of the weather at the chosen region. Use the time slider below the image to see the weather right now, in the past, or the future. In addition, I have a YouTube weather playlist (click here) where you can see animations of the weather visualisations created here.

Weather Reviews

My YouTube channel features a dedicated weather playlist, which shows animations from the images on this webiste. You can see it below - click on the little playlist icon in the top left corner to select a specific video from the playlist. Or subscribe on YouTube to be among the first to be informed about the newest additions.

Notable events

This section shows some notable weather events in recent history. The choice is completely subjective, and mainly reflects the places I have lived. Some detail about each event will be displayed once you click on it. If you feel like there is this particular event that you would like to see on this page, let me know through the contact form.