3D to touch

Welcome to interactive 3D on the web! This page only exists to be fun, so feel free and play around with my 3D models. Be aware that it can be a great strain on your browser, memory, and processor. So if you feel your computer slowing down, reload this page, or close it entirely. Also, if you resize the window you will have to reload the model to adjust the size. This section depends on WebGL, which is not supported by all browsers, and some do support it but you have to explicitly turn it on. So if you click on one of the buttons below and nothing happens, chances are that your browser does not support WebGL.

Below you find buttons to choose the model you'd like to look at. Once clicked, be patient as the model has to be loaded and rendered. Once loaded, you can navigate with your mouse, as described below (you can try it out before loading a model, right now). Below the model, a short description of what you see can be found. No go ahead and enjoy!

Sudden Stratospheric Warmings: U and EP flux T and EP flux Feb 23 1979
Other: Climatology Mar 02-04 2013